Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ofuna Kannon

After our hike to Taura, we wanted to keep it even more low key on Sunday.  Logan was fighting off the crud, we had stuff going on in the evening. We decided that a quick trip to Ofuna probably fit the bill nicely.  If you take the JR train from Yokosuka and head towards Tokyo, you go through Ofuna and you'll see this large white statue from the train...the Ofuna Kannon.  I had read a nice blog post from another traveler about a walk up there so we decided to give it a go.

The route was pretty easy from the train station.  It's hard to miss the Kannon.

We paid our admission fee and started exploring.  In terms of trees and flowers, the Sakura aren't quite in bloom yet...but it was still lovely with the Ume blossoms.  

The whole site is basically a small peace park. This memorial is for the atomic bombs...the fire was lit from the resulting fires from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  

One of the monks saw Logan and gave m this small propeller toy...definitely a sweet moment. 

The Kannon was a nice short trip.  Lovely site, relatively new monument....just what we needed for the day.

After that, we wandered to the other side of the station (we learned that lesson from Nagano) and found ourselves in a cool little market district.

We found all sorts of neat shops to check out...definitely was glad that we made the time to explore more than just the Kannon.

So, one of the cool things that Ofuna has is the Shonan Monorail's a train line that is suspended from above that runs from Ofuna to Enoshima.  One of these days, we will definitely take just wasn't the day.  Logan was so excited about the monorail...he told everyone he could all about it.  And how can you not love a train line with such a cute mascot?

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  1. What a lovely area. I'm really enjoying your travelogues.