Sunday, March 20, 2016

What we've been eating...

Well, it's been a couple of weeks.  I've been beat with a cold and work, so while we've been enjoying our time here, I just haven't been posting.

A few weeks ago, some of our friends from home came into town for a TDY trip and they're here through March.  It's been wonderful having a non-project friend here.  And, it just so happens that Logan considers their son his BFF.

Early on in their trip, we went our for Shinkansen sushi at Kappa sushi.  It involved bus rides with crazy boys who were so excited to see each other...

And the sushi was a hit...especially the kids meals served in a Shinkansen. We had quite the stack of plates going.  I was impressed with Logan..he won't touch the cooked shrimp but he loves raw tuna.

We went out the next week to Match Point in Zushi, an awesome restaurant with delicious drinks. Mthe sangria is not too sweet and the Moscow mule is fantastic.  Our food was really good, but I loved the fish carpaccio.  Impressively, Logan did too.  We also tried the curry, a Korean style pancake, German potatoes...yum. 

We linked up with our friends again for a yakitori adventure in an alley.  This stand is somewhat famous for being in an alley, being only ¥80 each and also for the auto-yakitori machine. Mathis definitely wasn't fancy eats,  but the chicken balls, pork, intestines, liver, etc are so good.  

I adore okonomiyaki and we tried the last restaurant in Yokosuka that we needed to try... Yoshida.  We had them make our pancakes, a nice treat.  Logan loved watching and took control of the pictures for a few minutes. 

The finished products were a pork, cheese and kimchi version and then a beef and green onion one.

Ah, another weekend and more random lunches.  We continue to eat pretty adventurously, but sometimes when you're in a beach town, burgers will do...or in Logan's case, pancakes with ketchup. He did not object...but they definitely seemed a little weird.

Finally, last weekend we went to Yokohama for a baseball game with the Fosters. That's a whole bother post, but we lunched at Antenna America, right near the stadium.  This spot is known for their huge selection of SoCal beers and they did not I had Coronado fish tacos.  The food was good, but it took FOREVER.  This was a great lunch spot though,  the boys got to stretch their legs and play in the upstairs with the foosball and coin hockey game.

There was a festival going on in Yokosuka when we got back home still, with lots of little food vendors right outside the Chuo station.  Takoyaki, chicken, strawberries....all so good....

Well, that's what we've been snacking on that I managed to take pics of.  There have been lots of other yummy places we have tried...but the food was so good that by the time I realized there could be pics, it was all gone!


  1. all the food looks delicious! What great fun for Logan to have Emmett

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