Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Yokohama Baystars

A week ago, we went to Yokohama to catch a preseason game for the Baystars.  We had no idea what we were in for, but we headed up early with the Fosters and went with it...

To set the stage, we knew that there were different sides for each team (Bay side for the home team and Star side for the visiting team).  We knew there would be cheering and ladies walking around with kegs of beer on their back.  And that was it. 

It was all good...we had a general plan for tickets (Bay side) to buy them the day of the game, which was what everyone had recommended we do.  We went to an exhibition game to make sure that we had an even better chance of getting good seats.

While the kids went potty, Jordan and I went looking for a ticket booth.  We knew the ¥1000 yen tickets were in the outfield and we essentially walked 300 degrees around the stadium to find an open ticket stand.  It was a little disconcerting, seeing all the people lined up THREE hours before the game to get in...and then when we bought our tickets, there were no visible sections or rows and the lady pulled them from a pile of preprinted tickets.  Hmmm....

We decided that whatever happened, we did not want to wait in line or be in the stadium with crazy boys for that long, so we snapped some pics and went to Antenna America...

This bar was in the list of places we've been wanting to visit for their huge beer selection.  Tons of amazing SoCal beers...including some great Stone and Ballast Point ones.  The food selection was small, but looked good.

Photo credit is all Lisa on this of my favorites of the boys..these days will go so quickly and I hope they have memories of these times in Japan.  I feel like they're growing by leaps and bounds just here...

We headed to the upstairs room and it was perfect for us.  No one else here, games to play that took quarters (the irony was that we had to change our yen into quarters...) and space to be silly...

The food took forever, was good but not great...but man the beers were delish!

It was time to head back to the stadium...and we realized that it was open seating.  Gulp....

And it was packed.  And we were on the Star side.  I think we were all panicking a bit when we finally set to the task of getting seats.  It all worked out in the end, but it was definitely interesting.  People safe seats and make vacant seats just to give themselves room...we probably could have used a person to help us find seats, but the language barrier was pretty daunting.

This was definitely amazing.  The crowds have unique cheers for each batter that go on for the entire at bat.  Everyone knows the cheers.  The Bay side outfield was filled with flags, musical instruments and crazy people.  The entire crowd goes silent when the away team is at bat, except when a great play is made by the Baystars...

I caved and bought these baseball bats so Logan could cheer along with the people sitting next to us...he loved them.

Things to remember from this trip:  

The little boy counting the number of beers that Joe got.  Way funny
The balloons released at the 7th inning stretch.
The away team had their cheering time at the top of the seventh.
Our friends hiding in a luxury box for a while
Sharing candy with the dad and son who made room for Joe
Finding an extra balloon and then playing with that on the train ride home
The lines

Once in a lifetime fun. 

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