Sunday, April 24, 2016

Kurihama Flower World

We had some time to ourselves after a morning of working for me, so off we went on a gorgeously warm day to Kurihama Flower World.  Just a quick ride two stops away from us on the JR line, a 15 minute walk, beautiful cherry blossoms, random temples and we were super close....

I love Sakura time makes an otherwise normal street into something spectacular.  The blossoms are just about done and there were piles of pink petals on the ground.

We came across a huge park that was being used by adults...upon further inspection, we saw that they were playing a variation on golf with essentially badminton style balls...trying to stay in the lines, hit it in the hole (ultimate frisbee style of hole).  Very cool and we just watched in awe for a few minutes.  There were so many older people out playing and having a great time.  We definitely got a few friendly waves.  

And, here we are.  I had held off going for so long because I wanted everything to be in bloom.  I'm not sure about the rest of the park (we only saw a portion) but this was beautiful. The huge poppy and nemophila (I think) field was gorgeous.

We started hiking up the hill (too cheap for the train and the kiddo is a great walker) and got some beautiful views of where we had been...had a picnic courtesy of the food vendors in the train station, relaxed. And then....all in the hopes of spotting.....

GODZILLA!!! He returns!!

This was a must see for me....I've been so excited to see the fans Godzilla slide.  

What I didn't expect, though, was how amazing the other play area was...

Holy smokes, this place is huge.  Tons of cool climbing features, a long (slow) roller slide.  And we ran into another of Logan's friends from school.  What a small world the Yokosuka area is!

This park was awesome.  We should have taken a little more time to cover the backside of the park.  There was a foot bath (man, that would have felt good!!), more flowers...we got back down to the bottom, enjoyed a yummy ice cream and made our way back home.

Again, can I rave about the parks here?  Another free community park...incredible (moderately safe) play equipment.  Flowers, families out having fun...

We were smoked after a fun day of walking.  We definitely need to rest up for another trip north tomorrow!

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  1. How great! cherry blossoms, flowers, roller slides AND Godzilla!