Saturday, April 09, 2016

Mitsubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum

Joe was feeling better but still under the weather for Sunday.  I had grand plans to head to Yokohama, hit up a museum, check out the huge Sakura festival for the trees around the main river...but the misty rain derailed the cherry plans.  Ah, well...there was still a museum!

I had heard great reviews of the Mistubishi Minatomirai Industrial Museum from a friend and it had been on my list of rainy day activities.  Have you noticed that we try to jam pack a ton of stuff into the weekends we have here?  We could see a lot more if we ventured out after work, but after long days, I'm content with hanging out around Yokosuka.

Anywho, here we are.  I loved the trip up here because we went on the train line that plays "I've been working on a railroad" for their "the train is leaving" song.  And, when we got off that train, we had moving sidewalks along the Minatomirai area.  Logan loved those...

Another thing to love?  The price!  Free for Logan, only ¥500 for me!

The museum was divided into home, space, undersea, transportation, physics and then energy.  All of the areas were super interactive and hands on with great English instructions.  The area shown below was in the transportation sect uni, where kids were directed to direct the transit in the most efficient way possible, or in another scenario, identify efficient energy generators and areas that use the most energy.

May the dream be with you...sounds like Star Wars to me!  Astronaut Logan!

Under the sea had all kinds of submersibles to explore and then design in your own.  Logan designed his own computer generated fish that then swam on the big screen...very cool.  Took me a bit to figure out where all the fish were coming from, but when the kids were running from the touchscreen over to the all made sense.

And that, honestly, was about the end of that day.  I was pretty spent from the day before (running to /from work and then all that hiking around) so when the kiddo wasn't super enthused about picnicking in the drizzle, I was ok.  We found ourselves a mall (thank goodness they're everywhere), set up a picnic with a few other forlorn families who didn't get to have some Hanami festivities and enjoyed ourselves...

We headed back home and checked back in on Joe....more adventures??  We will see....

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  1. a fun day in spite of the rain. Loved the train tune!