Saturday, April 09, 2016

More Hanami!

After the kiddo and I headed home, Joe was doing much better, so we headed out for a little more Hanami fun at Kinugasa park, just a short bus ride away.  

Once again, we followed the crowd and a few very appropriately placed signs.  And, once again, up, up up a hill....

And we found outer selves surrounded by lovely Sakura blossoms.  Logan insisted on taking a pic if Joe and I at this small shrine.

And we spied carved creatures hiding in the first as we trekked up...

We got to the top of the hill around 5pm and it was obvious we missed most of the festivities for the day.  Lights were glowing, people still had their picnics set up, so we checked it out!

We snacked, drank a chu hai and enjoyed the springtime festivities.  The Sakura were definitely last peak here.  Amazing how the areas, separated by just a few miles, were vastly different in where the blossoms were.

That's the end of this weekend up...Godzilla returns!

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