Friday, May 06, 2016

Ameyoko Take 2

Joe wanted to head up to Ameyoko in Tokyo one more time and get the candy vendor to do his shtick...I wanted to check out some good food, explore Ueno park and just wander.  Unfortunately, the rain and wind came in very strong for a bit and we lost steam after Ameyoko and went to a new for us brewery...T.Y. Brewing.  

But, first, the food....

We stopped at a chirashizushi place and ordered amazing raw fish bowls...we both did custom orders.  I did salmon, tuna and salmon roe.  If you can believe it, the roe was all for Logan...he loves it and ate it all up, along with the rice.

We wandered through the markets, enjoying the lack of crowds....

Scallops bigger than our hands!

Enjoying a moment at the main intersection!  Kiddo has a cantaloupe stick...

Joe has been picking up the mad skills needed for these games...this day wasn't successful...I'm sure if he had out in another ¥1000, he could have done it.

We found T.Y. Harbor brewing after braving some crazy winds...probably the best Japanese IPA we've had so far...and it was served in a boot for Joe.

After resting our feet and enjoying a mid afternoon snack /second lunch, we headed back to the train.  Of course the weather was clearing up, but we were pretty done for the day.

We were just next to one of inlets and saw storm gates....of course they had great art....

And it was so windy that full Sakura flowers were blowing off the trees.  Logan made me a lovely bouquet...

Someone was wiped out....train snuggles with full drool going down my arm.  Wouldn't trade this for the world.

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  1. What a great day. Love the drool!