Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mikasa Park in Yokosuka

I've mentioned Mikasa Park in Yokosuka before...we found ourselves with a little bit of time so off the family went one afternoon to explore.  The weather was much nicer this time than the last time Logan and I were here, so we made the most of our warm spring day. 

One of the focal point of the park is the battleship Mikasa.  She is from the 1890s and was decommissioned in the 1920s.  After sitting derelict for a while, she was refurbished and turned into a tour ship.  She definitely isn't floating anymore...she is encased in concrete.

The Mikasa is an impressive ship...we didn't pay the 500 yen admission fee, but enjoyed looking around the outside.

Let me just say that we have a future army officer in the making.  Notice how skillfully he's telling us what direction we are heading next.  Well done!

We explored all the little nooks and crannies of the park...enjoying all the various water features, views, etc.  off in the distance below is Monkey Island.  There are no monkeys on monkey island. We never made it was just one of those things that we didn't have time for.  

We knew there was a water and music show at some point.  We were very excited to hear Celine, we waited.

While we waited, Logan made some friends.  He went around and shook each of their hands, telling them his name.  Super adorable.  They all said "Bye Logan" when we left.  This little boy is not shy.  He loves talking with complete strangers and is such a sweet boy...

Finally, the water show.  The Bellagio it wasn't, but it was still nice.  15 minutes of water and music...Mikasa is just a huge park with so many places to watch this from.  But, we found a nice spot, had some chu hais, or in Logan's case, juice, and enjoyed the time.

On our way out, the guys stopped at the statue of Togo Heihachiro....Logan was less than impressed.

We had a ton of fun here...definitely a nice way to spend a few hours. Every year in the middle of May, the Yokosuka Curry festival is hosted here.  Two days of all the kinds of curry you could imagine.  We were, sadly, going to Disneyland the weekend of the festival or else we would have definitely been there.  Till next time...

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