Saturday, May 07, 2016

Rainy Afternoon....

Two days before these people can were taken, Logan finally noticed the indoor play area at th Shoppers plaza.  I mentioned to him that we would only go there on a rainy day.  My boss helped my out by letting m know it was supposed to rain in two days.  Thanks....sigh. 

Sure enough, Tuesday rolled around and it was rainy. When Joe and Logan got home from work. Logan kindly let me know it was raining and then asked if he could go play...

Sigh...he was so sweet about it, that I agreed.  He was dressed in the blink of an eye too...amazing how that happens. 

Playing in the park on the way to the mall.

He was so happy...I let him splash in all the puddles he wanted plus he got his umbrella.

The play area was nothing special.  Some inflatable toys, balloons galore and a ball pit.  He definitely amused himself for about an hour and then we got some dinner...

Until the next rainy day, I'm sure I'll be safe!

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