Friday, October 28, 2016

The Path of the Samurai

Here we were on Mother's Day weekend.  Options were a crazy day trip to Hakone, Tokyo or the Kamakura samurai tombs.  We opted for Kamakura for a number of reasons - close to the apartment, relatively low key, lots of outdoor time and the fact that the tombs are only open to the public on a very limited basis.  

The trails in the hills around Kamakura are insane.  They start from random stairways...thank goodness for amazing directions from other blog sites.

And, away we go!

This was part of the path that has been traveled by folks in this area since the time of the samurai.  Very cool..

And, the tombs are carved into the wall.  

Logan did an amazing job walking through all the trails and the stairs and the woods.  

This was one of the most solitary hikes we've had in Japan.  Until we got to a clearing and ran into a hiking group.  Everyone was so kind to us, insisting that we take popcorn for Logan and smiling, saying "hi".  Very cool and super impressive that this group was up here.  It was definitely a challenging hike (lots of ups and downs) with some great views.

Love all the shrines along the trail...

After what felt like forever, but was only about 8 miles, we emerged in Kamakura near some of the temples on the outskirts.  As much fun as we had, we were utterly exhausted, so we took a bus back to the train station, grabbed a late lunch and collapsed once we got home.

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