Friday, October 28, 2016

What we've been eating Round 3

Confession.  It's two days before Halloween.  Ugh...this has sat in the hopper for too long!  I have a few more blog posts to wrap up Japan and then I really need to get some new stuff up here.

Here's the third and final version of "What We've Been Eating" for the last part of our trip.  

First up...favorites from shrine and temple festivals - fresh lollipops served on ice.  Nom.

Next up...picnic gear!  Everyone picnics in Japan for just about any reason.  We were up in Tokyo around Children's Day and we found a nice park to have a picnic...and managed to find cans of a great Scottish beer!

Joe got quite good at the arcade candy games.  Very good.  This was one haul.  Suffice to say, we still have some of this candy around the house.

OMG.  My mouth is watering in remembrance of this mean.  Tsukemen ramen from Ichikanjin in Kamakura.  Funky place and omg, the noodles and dipping sauce were insane.  I wish I would have gone there more....sigh.

Ah, Children's Day...May 5th.  I had been wanting to get these adorable Disney cakes from the Cozy Corner at the Aeon mall.  These were Pixar themed.  Looking back on it, I wish I could buy these adorable little cakes.  And I'm already looking forward to getting out my koi flags next year.

Another one of those hole in the wall places that was utterly wonderful.  The shop was known for their gyoza...and the gyoza stuffed chicken wings were absolutely ridiculous.  Ask me to find it again, and I'd never be able to....

The Dominique Ansel Bakery.  Totally unique...very cool.

Afuri ramen in Yokohama station.  I had the hot yuzu ramen.  It was definitely delicious...

More ramen!  Once the boys left, I tried hitting up as many places as I could.  

On our last night we went to the shinkansen sushi go round.  This happy boy destroyed his kids meal.  All of this food was only something like $4.  I miss shinkansen sushi.

Post-samurai tomb hike in Kamakura, we were ravenous for burgers...the rooftop cafe hit the spot.  

I was so excited to try the super limited edition toasted cheesecake frappuccino.  It was available one day and sold out by the next.  Don't ask me how unhealthy it was.  Let me just tell you that it was oishi!

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